Building the right partnerships starts with Trust.

Locally-led social change takes time. Finding trusted partners shouldn't.

FieldWorks helps you find trusted local non-profits quickly and confidently so that everyone can achieve change for communities faster.

Local non-profits?


Why is our platform good for you?

We champion only local non-profits and work with resource providers who believe in locally led social change.

We're the only platform working with funders to reduce the burdens on local non-profits.

Our easy-to-use profiles help you be different from your peers and showcase your reliability and integrity.

Progressive funders are looking for effective local non-profits, but are struggling to find them.

Create a profile today and help them find you first.


Supporting locally-led social change shouldn't be so hard. Together we can make it easier.

Stewardship & Exit Strategies

Your partners deserve to see their missions succeed. 

We can help you support them beyond your grant in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Finding new partnerships

Two thirds of the information you commonly request has already been asked by someone else.

Why waste time asking it again?


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