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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why has FieldWorks chosen to begin with CSO profiles?

We’re committed to building a single community of knowledge designed to elevate grassroots organisations from low/- middle income countries. There are millions of organisations out there that are largely invisible. By starting with CSO profiles, we want to focus on getting these actors seen and to leverage the strength that comes from numbers to advocate for the kinds of change that can truly make a difference to their mission[s].



2. How does FieldWorks define ‘local’ or ‘grassroots’ CSOs?

Any non-profit / charitable civil society organisation that is legally registered and operates at a sub-national level solely within its country of origin. Organisations should be founded or majority run by members of the communities they serve. 



3. What do you ask for in profiles and how long will it take me to complete one?

The profiles we ask you to create collect the basic information necessary to give any potential donor an idea of your organisation’s mission, its structure, its key people, alongside a description of your work and how your organisation has been financed in the last 3 years. 


Parts of the profiles are considered mandatory. These must be completed in order to publish a profile. A profile should take about an hour for an individual with comprehensive knowledge of their organisation to complete. 


The only mandatory document that organisations are required to share is the certificate of registration to demonstrate proof of their legal status. Sharing of any other documents is optional. However, we strongly encourage you to share as many of these documents as possible. Sharing will help demonstrate your transparency and boost your credibility.



    • Certificate of Registration (Proof of legal registration is required to be eligible to apply for the awards)

    • Most recent audited financial statement


    • Current strategic plan

    • Human resources manual or other staff development policies

    • Financial management procedures or policies

    • Communications strategy

    • Most recent annual report

    • AGM  / Trustee meeting agenda/minutes



4. Will this cost me anything (now or in the future)?

No. FieldWorks was created to serve our member organisations. We will never ask you to pay any fee to engage with our platform. In fact, the success of the platform depends on you so we have committed to sharing any success with you, our member community. 



5. What benefits do you offer my organisation?



6. Why should I create a profile today?

We want to make your participation to FieldWorks worth something to you from day one. As such we are offering any organisation that publishes a complete profile before the xx.xx.2019 the opportunity to sign up to receive support from any two of the following services (see Qu.7 for details):

  • … 


Each service will list the specific terms and conditions in order to be considered (see Qu.9 below). Some services will be based on a competitive  selection process, whilst others may be run on a first-come-first serve basis. Please refer to our competitions page for further information or contact us at


Organisations that successfully invite their respective donors to register to the platform will be able to apply for an additional service.


  • … by …

  • … by …


How do I apply for services my organisation is interested in?




7. Is my organisation eligible to create a profile?

We welcome organisations from any country across Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Central/ South/ and South-East Asia, and the Pacific region. There are no sectoral or thematic restrictions on the kind of missions and operations organisations should have in order to be eligible. 


If your organisation meets the description given in how we define a ‘local’ CSO (see Qu.2 above), we hope that you will consider creating a profile. This platform is not intended for any group that is founded by another international entity (including other NGOs).


If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at 



8. How will the data my organisation contributes be used?

We ask you to share as much information as you feel comfortable, keeping in mind that whatever information you provide will be visible to other registered users of the platform. We restrict the personal information you provide about individuals in your organisation (i.e. trustees, leadership staff) as well as details of any referees you provide. This information will be subject to EU GDPR regulations and will only be visible to other verified users of our platform with the explicit approval of those individuals involved. See our Privacy Policy for further details.



9. Where can we get support to complete a profile?

We are here to help. If you have any questions with regards to any aspect of our platform, you can email us at or contact us on any of our social media sites:


Facebook |

Instagram |

Twitter | @FieldWFound



10. How will FieldWorks serve CSOs like mine beyond this launch? 

We will expand our partnerships with institutions and businesses that are willing to offer their expertise in assistance to your missions. We will work with you collectively to identify your core needs and to find actors best placed to service those needs. 


In particular we will advocate that funders conduct their partnerships in a manner that reduces the burdens placed on your shoulders. Our aim is for your organisation to maximise your impact and scale innovative approaches in support to your mission through diversified and flexible funding streams, and other non-financial support wherever you need it most.


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