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Driving change is hard enough without struggling to be heard

Are you a local organisation who wants to join a global network dedicated to helping you achieve your mission?

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Finding new funders shouldn’t be a one-sided affair

Now it won't.

Wasted time and money

Millions of dollars and hours are wasted every year trying to find potential donors and being assessed

Lost potential

Small, effective local organisations struggle to access resources because they don't have enough visibility

Missed opportunities

Relevant solutions and knowledge are not accessible, reducing the opportunity for innovation


There are plenty of collaboration sites out there. There just aren’t any that reduce the burden on your organisation

We're building an ecosystem where all stakeholders share responsibility to build trust






Create a customised grant-ready profile and jumpstart your discussions with potential funders

Find answers to your questions faster from real peers similar to your size and context 

Be part of a network built on local referrals and dedicated to resourcing legitimate local organisations in developing countries

Get access to the latest relevant information from service providers and funders


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What does 'joining us' mean for you?

  • A subscription to our newsletter through which we share curated information on the latest grants and tools of interest to you;

  • Be the first to access our platform as we launch and set about connecting you to the world's most innovative grant-makers;


  • Have a say in how the platform develops and make sure it addresses your needs

For our part we promise not to spam your email inboxes, and will ask for you to opt-in to be part of any feedback or input sessions.


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