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Our growth and success could not have been achieved with out the efforts and collaboration of partners, supporters and stakeholders throughout our journey.


Supporters and Stakeholders

We are also extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to speak with us, to share their views and opinions on the sector and our concept.

Degan  Ali (Adeso / NEAR), Dave Allen (North), Saleem Arif (Quality Solicitors), Claire Arnott (Independent - MEL / Impact Consultant), Peter Bailey (The Kairos Project), Manuel Bedran (Independent), Niall Bellabarba (Global Director for FinTech firm - previousl (Founder Ernest ai)), David Bettis (Lawyer), Clara Bosco (Civicus), Elly Boulboul (Aptivate), Evelien Bouwman (Municipality of the Hague), Tim Boyes-Watson (Humentum), Neha Broota (Empowerweb), Mike Buckler (Village X), Dan Butler (Field Read), Guido Calderon (Concertacion Regional para la Gestion de Riesgos), Eric Camacho (Philippine Business for Social Purpose), Rachael Chong (Catchafire), Laura Chow (People's Postcode Lottery), Theodorous Chronopolous (Empowerweb), Luke Clarkson (The Crowd), Nick Colloff (Arigidius Fondation), David Conneely (Comic Relief), Teresa Crawford (Counterpart), David Crook (Stars Foundation), Billy  Dann (Comic Relief), Jo Davies (Maitri Trust), Sara Davis (Hewlett Foundation), Justin Derbyshire (HelpAge International), Lisa Donado (), Katherine Duerden (360Giving), Andy Egan (International Tree Foundation), Harrison Eleanor (Global Giving), Camilla Elwood (Prism The Gift Fund), Lucia Escobar (Independent), Sally Faiz (UBS Optimus Foundation), Sarah Farelly (TrustLaw), Matt  Fenton (Inspired Ventures), Brennan Gary (The Crowd), Mary Louise Gourlay (The Philanthropy Network), Peter Grant (CASS Business School), Duncan Green (Oxfam International), Dan Gregory (SEUK), Kate Griffin (Independent), Lizz Harrison (Christian Aid), Matthew Hart (Global Philanthropy Project), Anne-Marie Heemskerk (Partos / The Spindle), Don Hinrichsen (Independent), Jenny Hodgson (GFCF), Jonathan Hughes (Wordzup), Cecile Hyafil (Epic Foundation), Pia Infante (The Whitman Institute), Delphine Jegoudez (Independent), Sarah Johnstone (Stars Foundation / Independent), Pravin Raj Joshi (Rooster Logic), Jordan Junge (Social Innovation Exchange), Ieva Kajokaite (Founders Pledge), Ben Keiser (Ava Foundation), Nick Kershaw (Impact Marathons), Annie Legge (The Dot Project), Joanna Levitt Cea (IDEX / Thousand Currents), Tris Lumley (NPC), Christopher Manion (Big Lottery Fund), Aisha Mansour (Dalia Community Foundation), Michael Mapstone (Charities Aid Foundation), Stefan Maren (ClearlySo), Alison Marston (Prev. The Fore), Cheryl Martin (CM Business), Carlos Meija (Gates Foundation), Luis Morales (Philippine Council for NGO Certification), Marete Mukami (UHAI), Daniele Narduzzi (BeHonest), Margaret Newens (PumpAid), Mirela Nistor (Municipality of the Hague), Matthew O'Reilly (Indigo Trust), Amy Parker (AfriKids), Iara Peng (JustFund), Alejandro Perez (Independent), Johanna Philipps (HelpAge International), Lesley Pimm (TeamSquared / Impact Marathons), Stefaan Poortman (Global Heritage Fund), Victor Quilaqueo (Ceppas), Sumeet Randhawa (CAF), Steve Rauner (North), Eva Rehse (Global Greengrants), Elisa Ricciuti (La Bocconi University), Charlie Rounds (Mossier), Anni  Rowland-Campbell (Intersticia), Ben Rudman (MMT Digital), Arianne Schaffer (Indie Philanthropy), Mike Scott (UK CF), Martin Scott (MAS Lifestyle), Tim Seal (The Open University), Dayasagar Shrestha (NGO Federation of Nepal), Paul Streets (Lloyds Bank Foundation), Peter Sweetnam (Object Tech Group (Digital ID)), Dominique Tan (Tan Philanthropy), Amy Taylor-Miller (Civicus), Dorothee ter Kulve (Friendship), Luna Shrestha Thakur (Change Fusion Nepal), Juliet Valdinger (Independent), Alejandra Valdizan (), Jesse Van Der Mijl (Partos / The Spindle), Solene van der Wielen (Independent), Elizabeth Wainwright (Arukah Network), Muna Wehbe (Stars Foundation / Independent), Michael Wharton (Independent Legal), Hannah Wheatley (British Asian Trust), Dilhani Wijeyesekera (Comic Relief), Gabrielle Wimer (Mealflour), Nicolette  Wolf (BeMore), Chris Worman (TechSoup), Renaud Zambeux (), Paul Ziade (U2 Guide), Alan Zulch (Tamalpais Trust),

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