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A taste of things to come!

The Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children is one example of the kinds of organisations FieldWorks plans to support in the future. One of our founders worked closely with this amazing group of people who aim to bring joy and creativity to children that have witnessed the cruelty and darkness of war.

They call it Social Circus:

"The transformative power of circus connects education, physical art, and social development. Social circus is more than simply teaching circus skills. It is a tool for transformation, discipline, creativity, and artistic expression."

"In its modern form, circus has gone beyond mere entertainment: At MMCC, games and circus arts are tools for teaching social skills, overcoming trauma, and developing essential capacities and the ability to take responsibility."

MMCC doesn’t just direct children through a creative approach that essentially teaches children the skills that are learnt in our own societies through extra-curricular activities, but they also engage them to lead their own activities and courses. This is often unique in the world of “child protection” programmes.

MMCC works with disadvantaged children and youth including orphans, disabled, and street-working children at their centres in Kabul and across Afghanistan. Additionally one of their largest outreach activities is with children living in internally displaced persons camps in-and-around Kabul. These camps often resemble slum environments and are subject to freezing temperatures in winter and hot summers. Access to basic infrastructure including proper homes, clean drinking water and toilets along with basic services such as clinics and schools is limited in these environments. Considering that children have had to leave behind their homes often as a result of conflict, natural disasters such as flooding, landslides, and/or droughts depending on the time of year – they are left with traumatic experiences that any person would have difficulty dealing with.

You can find more information on the MMCC website at:

MMCC has made great efforts to promote its work and has allowed journalists and guests to visit its programmes. A collection of articles are posted here for reference:

Reuters  |  NPR  |  Euronews

Or follow them on Facebook – simply search Mobile Mini Circus for Children from your account!

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