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Go for it.

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

The world of today has thrown the spotlight on our ability to communicate like never before. Whether because of the explosive influence of the various forms of media that reach us through our phones, computers, TVs; or because of the political, religious, social or cultural divides that seem to plague our societies. I've been fascinated by the way we are able to have a conversation and yet not hear a single word being spoken, whilst also simultaneously be inspired by short videos, ads, and documentaries that speak to something primal within us.

Right now our attention is captured by the new Nike ads that speak to our drive to be better, achieve more, and aspire to be the greatest we can be. Who hasn't felt that emotion at least once in their lives?

But for some reason I found myself watching this promotional video put out in Dec 2017 by Conservation International:

Maybe it was the music, or the images, or the subject matter that spoke to me, but damn I loved the message. And it got me thinking about the challenges we have faced in trying to communicate our vision for what FieldWorks is and what we believe it could be. Sometimes I feel like I get it right. I walk away thinking "damn I wish I recorded what I said", because it felt good. More often than not however I find myself frustrated for not communicating what FieldWorks is, in a way that makes me believe that I know what i'm talking about, let alone convincing another…

So I thought to follow the 'recipe' used by this video and see if it gets anyone else as excited about FieldWorks as I am. After all if it worked for CI, something it does can be replicated, right?!

So here is my take - I advise rewatching the video again at this point so as to have the music and imagery fresh in your mind :) Happy to hear your feedback on it too!

The Sustainable Development Goals are set for 2030. Yet we’re no closer to achieving these than we were the millennium development goals back in 2000.

So what are we at FieldWorks going to do?

We are working to change the conversation around philanthropy.

We’re focusing on levelling the playing field. Because those of us with the resources don’t, and cannot expect to have all the answers.

We’re focusing on equality in opportunity. Because a huge proportion of the most dedicated individuals and communities out there aren’t able to participate in systems we created and control.

And we’re focusing on trust. Because the burden is on all of us to create the basis for relationships based on reciprocal respect.

Its not about how good our intentions are or how generous we are. Its about the ability of a community - however we define it - to drive their own choices to survive and thrive. Its about supporting not one big initiative but thousands of small acts of defiance to a challenge. Its about being willing to listen and stand back - supporting where we can make a meaningful contribution even if nobody were ever to find out we did.

We’ll help equip funders and businesses to collaborate with one another so as to reduce the burdens on local organisations of getting the support they need and deserve.

Show NGOs its in their own interests to demand the same level of openness and collaboration from those who fund them, as that demanded of them.

We’ll give aspiring and experienced philanthropists the tools they need to change their world through a new narrative based on shared responsibilities.

We believe in a new generation of leaders. Those who are willing to commit to a redistribution of resources based on trust in community-led action. Trust in the fact that there is more that unites us than that which divides us. That if we draw energy from those deep rooted passions that make us human and not let our fears throw up barriers; then we can achieve real change.

To those of you wondering whether you should take the plunge with us, we have this message. Go for it. Be part of an effort to shape a solution so that you can quieten the voice of fear which too makes us human.

And stick with it. Achieving change is hard.

If we don’t stop the inexorable widening of inequality amongst peoples, nothing else will matter. Because that inequality is what has been holding us back all along.

Simple as that.

Now Go For It. Join us!

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