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We’re currently running a survey to find out more about what drives YOUR decision making when making donations. We’re looking for input from as wide a spectrum of individuals as possible. Help us understand whats important to you with our 5 minute survey (click on the image below to access it):

It would be doubly helpful if you would share this link within your network and get a snowball effect going so that we can access the broadest spectrum of individuals possible! Last time we checked these were the gaps we have in terms of our respondents thus far:

Gender gap: 66% of respondents have been women with only 34% men.

Age gap: Our biggest respondent group has been 25-34 year olds.

If you belong to, or know anyone from, one of those groups we seem to have been unable to reach out to – please do take the survey and share it amongst your peers!

Links to this survey are also on our social media profiles.

Thanks to all of you who are about to or have already supported us. Please help us keep the momentum going!

Your FieldWorks Team

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