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Updated: Mar 2, 2018

“On the 5th, 6th and 7th day of Christmas FieldWorks gave to ye….”

Who are they?

SERES is a transformational leadership organisation that empowers youth in low-income rural economies of Guatemala and El Salvador to become active leaders in their communities.

Why we like them?

What’s not to like!? SERES is inspiring the Guatemalan youth of today and giving them the skills and confidence that they can play an active part in their society for an equal and environmentally better tomorrow. Their “beneficiaries” identify strongly with the organisation. Furthermore they have a financial and project management system that would put many INGOs to shame.

Why should you support SERES?

They’re not tackling the big issue simply based on outputs. They’re inspiring a generation. Over 55% of their staff are graduates of their programs who bring not only the motivation but also the inspiration to other youth. Over the last 2 years SERES “youth” have, on their own, engaged over 20,000 people in local actions to build more peaceful and sustainable communities. If you’re looking to support a vibrant and sustainable future, take a look at our one page infosheet on SERES

Like what you see already and want to donate? Go! do it!

What Seres says about themselves

SERES is Hope – We work with youth from marginalized, low-income rural and peripheral

communities in Guatemala and El Salvador, focusing on areas where growing climate vulnerability, environmental degradation, economic exclusion and limited opportunities are placing increasing numbers of youth at-risk to the influence of gangs, violence, migration and other impacts of social disintegration. By giving to SERES, you are helping us to build a healthier, fairer, more peaceful and sustainable future for everyone. GIVE HERE

Let them tell you personally here on why you should inspire a generation of leaders in Guatemala this year

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