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Did you have that sense of panic all week that time was running out? Let us take some weight off your shoulders. Here is a round up of our advent calendar Charities, to give you an alternative for you usual Christmas giving.

And if you don’t like what you see or you think you could help with more than just money, drop us an email and tell us, at – Thanks!

Roots of Health

Philippines – Maternal and Child Health: Their mission is to provide women with much needed access to maternal and reproductive health services across the island of Palawan. They work with women and youth to ensure they have the knowledge and support they need to manage their own health, whether through clinical services or by engaging educational sessions. Particularly a good one if you want to stick it to Trump and all is odd policies on, well, everything. Find out all you need here


Guatemala – Youth Leadership: SERES is a transformational leadership organisation that empowers youth in low-income rural economies to become active leaders in creating just and sustainable communities. With over 55% of their staff, graduates of their programs and 80% of their alumni holding leadership positions within local gov and civil society, Seres is not just tallying outputs, they’re inspiring a generation. Find out all you need here

Caras Alegres

Guatemala – Child Protection and Education: Working in one of Xela’s poorest neighbourhoods, where 1 in 2 households in extreme poverty, and 1 in 2 individuals having completed primary education. Family members hold down multiple jobs often leaving family youth without supervision for most of the day. In a country with strong gang culture closely linked to crime and drugs, the stakes for youth are high. Caras Alegres’ after-school programme, a boon for single-mother headed households, offers a safe space to send their kids as they earn their much-needed income to survive. Find out all you need here

Asociación BPD (ABPD)

Guatemala – Malnutrition and Poverty : “Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have…when the task is finished, the people will say ‘We have done this ourselves” ALDEA/ABPD have been working with Guatemalan communities for over 50 years. Find out all you need here

Asociacion De Mujeres Ixpiyakok (ADEMI)

Guatemala – Women’s Empowerment, Poverty, Maternal and Child Health: ADEMI is an organisation created by Mayan women, run by Mayan women, for Mayan women. They support indigenous women to take action for themselves, mobilising them in self-help groups around thematic issues – from health education, nutrition, and agriculture, to small loans. ADEMI believes in the potential of Mayan women and has succeeded in giving their peers opportunities to learn, grow, and take control of their own lives. Find out all you need here

Centre for Educational Policies and Practices

Nepal – Education: Based in Nepal,CEPP mobilises teachers and parents to actively engage in the educational welfare of their children, across 46 public schools of some of the remotest municipalities of Nepal (Raigaun, Chandrapur, Pipalmadi, and Bhimeshwor). Providing “software” ( trainings and coaching) rather than “hardware” (distribution of goods), CEPP sustainably empowers communities to work within the established schooling system and to know their rights, obligations and accountabilities to ensure their children’s future.  Find out more here.

Quidan Kaisahan

Philippines – Education, Poverty:  Quidan Kaisahan is an NGO in the Philippines that works to reduce poverty and child labour across 80 villages for over 15,000 people on the island of Negros Occidental. Using the established governance structure, QK partners with communities and local authorities. They mobilise and facilitate citizen groups around thematic areas (like education, livelihoods etc.) on how to help themselves and hold their local authority to account. At the same time they support local authorities on how to be more engaged and extend their reach in implementing government initiatives (e.g. reducing school drop out programme with the ministry of education). Find out more here.

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