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On the first 3 days of Christmas FieldWorks gave to ye…”

Roots of Health

Who are they?

Locally known as Ugat ng Kalusugan – their mission is to provide women with much needed access to maternal and reproductive health services across the island of Palawan. They work with women and youth to ensure they have the knowledge and support they need to manage their health. Whether through clinical services or by engaging educational sessions, they have deservedly been recognised for their work both by their own communities as well as internationally too.

Why do we like them?

We were impressed by the fact that Roots of Health really cares about doing things properly. They don’t skimp or cut corners on training their staff and offering the kind of service any one of us would expect, nay, demand even – were we in the shoes of one of their beneficiaries. We particularly liked that fact that they have balanced their learning so that it isn’t just a formal ‘requirement’ normally associated with good monitoring practices, but also based on the incredibly close personal relationships they share with the communities they serve. Their knowledge and quality services are testament to that learning.

Why should you support them?

Because as a small local NGO Roots of Health has managed to blend the incredible passion they have for their work, with real professionalism. They take nothing for granted and, despite having won a number of accolades and awards, they have their sights firmly focused on the people they work with/for.

Take a look at our info sheet based on our confidence profiling methodology here

Our confidence profiling found them to be an all round solid and trustworthy organisation. Their strength stems from the fact they managed to set up the structures you would expect from any UK based charity. They have formed a strong team bond that empowers every individual who engages with them. It was reflected in the level of ownership people had of the organisation and its work. Thats not to say they that at the time of our visit there were not areas for improvement.

Most importantly of all though, we felt they were honest in the way they went about their work. As a result they manage to deliver on their promises despite the challenges that the nature of their work often throws up. This isn’t an outfit tackling a crucial cause with “good-intentions but ultimately sub-par” service delivery. Quite the opposite. Clinical services are run by highly qualified staff who meet the expected standards of training – theirs is a professionally run outfit.

The return on one year of secondary education for a girl correlates with a 25% increase in wages later in life. Do you believe a girl should be able to not become pregnant prematurely, allowing her to stay in school, to get a higher paying job and eventually have children with broader horizons as well? We do too. Support their campaign how you can help @rootsofhealth this year.

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