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The Christmas period is fast approaching and many of you might be thinking about “giving”. Approximately 30% of all annual giving happens in December and 12% within the last 3 days of the year. For many non-profits this is the period to get funds that will help them continue operating the following year. But many of you may be grappling with the question of who to give to? Give into branding and give to the usual suspects, or spend hours trying to find a truly unique NGO that speaks to you beyond some clever marketing?

For those of you with a more international eye, worried about the state of the world, but who haven’t given up hope yet, we’d like to help you. Rather than you being the target of a silver tongued, money-box toting, guilt-inflicting volunteer, we thought we’d help by offering you some alternative local NGOs. Organisations and communities you’d otherwise probably never come across who could really do with your help this Christmas season.

In the last 18 months we have had the incredible good fortune and opportunity to meet 7 strong non-profits. Locally-led, well run for their size and context and above all strongly connected to the communities in which they work. Over the next 4 weeks of advent we will progressively open the proverbial window to these NGOs.  We will tell you why we liked them, why we think they deserve your support, and share with you a one-page taster of our confidence profile reports. Each of NGOs spans a breadth of causes; primary education, women’s health, youth leadership, women’s empowerment, malnutrition, child development… We hope there will be something there for every one of you that will ignite your imagination.

And of one, some or all of these sparks your interest then give them your donation, directly to them. We don’t take a penny.

All we ask is that if you like what we’ve shared with you, spread the word. And if you don’t, drop us an email and tell us what we can do better.

Give more this year by giving better.

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